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City Tourism

Sechs-Seen-Platte (Six Lakes Plain)

The bathing beach is not only a wonderful leisure facility but also the venue for well known summer events such as "Soul by the Lake" and "Beach Party". The ice skating rink, of a national standard, is a delight for figures skaters and ice hockey players of all ages.

TThe Duisburg Sports Park is where competitive athletes from all sorts of disciplines get together.

The Duisburg RUHR VISITORCENTER provides information material – and also a walkers' map - and organises guided tours of this attractive recreation area.
In 1998 the two teams created a first in the history of German football in that, for the first time, a women's team and a men's team from the same city reached the German F. A. Cup finals in Berlin in the same year. The Lionesses won the cup, the Zebras from Bayern Munich having to accept a narrow defeat.

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